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The round up of recent events (click on the links below, and it will bring up the relevant link)

  1. The truth about Britain’s volatile electorate. If the main parties fall into the trap of targeting their messages too narrowly, it could cost them the 2015 election 
  2. Norwegian voting patterns are a warning to leftwing parties elsewhere. If the number of voters in an election increases, new rightwing groups do better – but new left groups fare worse
  3. David Cameron cancels Middle East visit to lead flooding response.
  4. Nick Clegg Does Complain Danny Alexander Has ‘Gone Native’, George Osborne Aide Reveals
  5. Nick Clegg: Rob Wilson is as good a wingman as Icarus was
  6. Nick Clegg: Finishing the job and finishing it early
  7. Liberal Democrats would tax the rich to clear deficit, says Nick Clegg. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg outlines policies including “mansion tax” that could complicate second coalition deal with Conservatives 
  8. Why David Cameron’s so-called ‘women problem’ isn’t exactly what it seems
  9. Switzerland’s immigration ‘victory’ over the EU is a fairytale sold by the far right. Eurosceptics are lining up in praise of the defiant vote, but the fallout for Swiss people could be devastating
  10. In most important ways, UKIP’s more like Labour than the Conservatives
  11. Labour set to avoid promising EU referendum in general election manifesto
  12. UKIP needs to learn to manage expectations. After Farage’s promise to “cause an earthquake”, anything less than first in the European elections will be deemed a failure – and the polls suggest Labour may well win.
  13. Labour is fighting back against Ukip
  14. Nigel Farage should worry every time a Tory predicts Ukip will come first in May 
  15. Death to ‘Public Service Reform’! Long live public service reform!
  16. Privatise workplace benefits, urges Tory MP
  17. General election debates cannot be ‘taken for granted’
  18. Channel 4 is to take part in the negotiations to air a prime ministerial TV debate next year as the broadcasters aim to build on the 2010 event
  19. Scots more positive about immigration than rest of UK
  20. What Hillary Clinton told Blair, Bill didn’t have sex ‘of any real meaning’ with ‘narcissistic loony toon’ Monica Lewinsky,
  21. How cats are great at predicting the US Jobs figures.
  22. FEWER than half the Britons questioned in a poll had any idea that US and Canadian troops fought in the First World War. Barely more than a third knew that Australia and New Zealand were involved.
  23. British forces’ century of unbroken warfare set to end with Afghanistan exit. War-weariness among the public and wariness among politicians mean next year could be the first since at least 1914 that British soldiers, sailors and air crews are not engaged in fighting
  24. What if JRR Tolkien had worked in advertising?
  25. Forget Sochi, where are all Moscow’s squirrels?
  26. Looking for love? Manchester United fans revealed as the perfect girlfriends
  27. One Direction’s Niall Horan and Wales rugby star Mike Phillips set for boxing bout?
  28. Queen have made UK chart history by becoming the first act to sell six million copies of an individual album. (Hat tip Morris Dancer)
  29. 39 Years ago today, Margaret Thatcher was elected as Conservative Party Leader. 
  30. Party big guns to rule out currency union with Scotland. Scotland’s hopes of keeping the pound will come under attack from George Osborne, Danny Alexander and Ed Balls


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