PB Nighthawks is now open

PB Nighthawks is now open

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The round up of recent events (click on the links below, and it will bring up the relevant link)

  1. Ukip supporters really dislike posh Dave… but they can’t stand Ed Miliband either
  2. Ukip’s rise threatens the left as well as the right. That Nigel Farage can speak to former Labour voters ought to be a matter of shame to the British left and a call to arms
  3. What might happen to the Conservative party if it is defeated in 2015, asks Hopi Sen.
  4. Tim Yeo sacked by local party despite backing of David Cameron and George Osborne
  5. Tory Tea Party? War on Women? Rubbish – the deselections are down to a welcome grassroots revival
  6. How does Labour secure a majority in 2015? The centrists must keep the faith
  7. Dem Libs are not going away, you know
  8. Gove row paints dispiriting picture of a post-2015 Lib-Con coalition
  9. David Cameron – the Conservative Party’s answer to Harold Wilson
  10. Where are the centre-left governments that Labour can learn from?
  11. Why Labour’s popular tax policy backfired
  12. Failed Falkirk candidate condemns Labour investigation. Karie Murphy says report has not proved allegations of voting irregularities during her bid to become parliamentary candidate
  13. We can’t afford to replace Trident – and why would we want to?A Labour ‘wobble’ would be welcome. As the defence budget shrinks, we can’t justify £100bn on the Successor programme, pointing at no one in particular
  14. US could start defaulting on debt ‘very soon’ warns US Treasury Secretary
  15. David Blanchflower - Emerging-market chaos and the Federal Reserve taper mean this might be as good as it gets for Britain’s economy
  16. Scots Can’t Completely Sever Their Ties With Britain
  17. Fund managers based in Scotland face a multimillion-pound bill to pay for a new financial regulator if Scots vote for independence in the September referendum, the trade body for Scotland’s financial services industry has warned.
  18. School pupils brand SNP MP Pete Wishart ‘gimp’ on Twitter
  19. Gove’s combative approach sharpens his critics’ claws
  20. David Cameron: TV crime dramas show need for ‘snooper’s charter’
  21. At least David Cameron kept his kit on… unlike Winston Churchill: The surprising history of the prime minister as host
  22. Russia: Gay dating app blocked, users threatened with arrest
  23. Vladimir Putin’s Anti-Gay Propaganda Law Finds Support Among America’s Religious And Social Conservatives
  24. There’s nothing Islamic about murdering civilians. New report demonstrates that the claims of the extremists are at odds with traditional Muslim teaching.
  25. Is this the most dangerous selfie? Man running with the bulls who took time out to take the souvenir video
  26. A Man Asked the Internet to Name his Baby Girl: These are the Results so Far
  27. Today is the 54th anniversary of Harold Macmillan’s Wind of Change speech.
  28. Jade Dernbach nicknamed ‘Worst Player of All Time” on Wikipedia
  29. “If Jade Dernbach is bowling at the death you normally live.”
  30. What is it about the Lib Dems and Sci Fi?


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