Nighthawks is now open

Nighthawks is now open

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Why not relax, and converse into the night on the day’s events in PB NightHawks.

If you’re a lurker,  why not take the final few Steps and delurk, it’ll be a Tragedy if at least 5,6,7,8 lurkers don’t delurk. I’m sure your contributions won’t be Better Best Forgotten.

The round up of recent events (click on the links below, and it will bring up the relevant link)

  1. PMQs verdict: Ed resists the urge to be the quiet man – and turns up the volume
  2. David Cameron Refuses To Rule Out Cutting Tax For The Rich
  3. The Tory rebels have a choice: shut up or lose the election
  4. Douglas Carswell on why he was wrong to rebel
  5. How many Ukippers will be dead when the referendum happens? Sorry, but it matters
  6. If Mark Carney had one message for the people of Scotland, it was: “You can’t have your oat cake and eat it.”
  7. Would a Currency Union Work for an Independent Scotland? History, and Mark Carney, Suggest Not
  8. Scottish Catholics are being desperately wooed by the SNP; they could swing the result
  9. Britain’s economy is finally growing again. Three cheers for the coalition? The dismal experience of the past few years has obscured the UK’s very real economic strengths. Now we need to deal with its weaknesses
  10. Can electoral reform help Labour reach into the “electoral deserts” of the South?
  11. The Tories need a generous not a coercive rhetoric about the poor
  12. Reverse the child benefit cut and the politics of the 50p rate become irrelevant
  13. The two big lessons for the UK from Germany and the Nordics. Social investment welfare spending is central to future prosperity and the state has to become a more active and assertive economic actor.
  14. “We will not allow Nigel Farage to set our moral compass”
  15. However unsavoury Jobbik’s views are, Theresa May was right not to ban them
  16. UK’s ‘nasty xenophobia’ hurting Scotland’s universities
  17. The 800,000 people living in Britain with little or no English. Analysis of census figures shows how most people living in Britain who do not have a good command of English do not have a job
  18. The gagging bill looks designed to undermine trade unions, If passed, this law will not only curtail campaigning efforts, but also give the government access to membership records
  19. Liam Fox settles libel case over Adam Werritty claims. Fox to collect significant undisclosed sum in settlement of lawsuit against Dubai-based businessman Harvey Boulter
  20. Obama’s pot dealer beaten to death for farting in gay lover’s face
  21. Show me the poo!: Tower Hamlets park official calls for police back-up over ‘non-compliance of female’ over mystery dog foul
  22. Short man syndrome really does exist, Oxford University finds
  23. What can Dick Swaab tell us about sex and the brain?
  24. Hollywood’s villainous Brits may be playing out their final act
  25. Tomorrow is 365th anniversary of the execution by beheading of Charles I, for being tyrant, traitor and murderer; and a public and implacable enemy to the Commonwealth of England.
  26. Tomorrow is the 353rd anniversary of the posthumous execution of Oliver Cromwell.


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