PB Nighthawks is now open

PB Nighthawks is now open

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Why not relax, and converse into the night on the day’s events in PB NightHawks.

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The round up of recent events (click on the links below, and it will bring up the relevant link)

  1. 8 reasons Labour has a good chance of an overall majority
  2. 5 ways to cheer up the Tories (and kill off the ‘nasty party’) Asking Conservatives to stop sounding negative may be naive but I agree with Nicky Morgan: they need a change of tone
  3. There will be Tory trouble on Europe unless David Cameron sends a Right-winger to Brussels
  4. Boris needs to get a move on
  5. Ukip prepares ‘spooking’ campaign for Wythenshawe by-election
  6. Tearing apart UKIP’s EU “myth busting”
  7. What would life be like outside the EU?
  8. Politicians must tackle voter ‘apathy’, David Blunkett warns. Ex-home secretary cites Hansard Society study indicating just 12% of young people plan to vote in 2015 general election
  9. Yes minister, we are all Trots now. Lord Deben’s ‘Trotskyite’ jibe against green activists follows a long Tory tradition of commie-baiting. Let’s embrace it
  10. Why do the Lib Dems suffer so many scandals?
  11. Nick Clegg will face ‘bloodbath’ in court, Lord Rennard allies warn. Nick Clegg faces ‘bloodbath’ in court that will ‘rip Lib Dems apart’ unless he reinstates Lord Rennard, peer’s allies warn
  12. The Lib Dems can’t afford to look this ridiculous – The Rennard shambles risks undermining the graduation into a serious party of government.
  13. ‘No poor countries by 2035’: Bill Gates annual letter says extreme poverty and child mortality could be virtually wiped out in next two decades
  14. Balls’s IMF response shows Labour’s spending priorities. If the party does borrow for investment after 2015, it will be childcare, jobs and housing that benefit.
  15. Ministry of Justice plan to raise court fees condemned. Independent advisers publish rare ‘red report’ shooting down justice secretary Chris Grayling’s £200m move
  16. A Facebook campaign to get gay anthem It’s Raining Men to number one in the charts in response to a Ukip councillor’s homophobic comments is gathering momentum.
  17. Pop star Katy Perry believes she may have played a key role in President Barack Obama’s 2012 victory over Mitt Romney in Wisconsin and wants to ask him about aliens.
  18. Rob Ford Speaks Jamaican Patois? Video Seems To Show More Odd Behaviour
  19. The SNP’s blinkered, ideologically-driven, approach to the NHS is typically dismal.
  20. A Conservative MP who organised a Nazi-themed stag party in France in 2011 was “stupid and offensive” but is not racist, an internal party inquiry has found.
  21. Gambling regulator explores options for warning consumers about unlicensed betting sites
  22. Best news of the day – Benedict Cumberbatch says he’ll keep going with Sherlock as he’ll never tire of the role


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