Nighthawks is now open

Nighthawks is now open

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Why not relax, and converse into the night on the day’s events in PB NightHawks. Nighthawks gives me the opportunity to say Let Me Entertain you with my round up of links.

To you lurkers, if you D:Rream of delurking, why not delurk tonight? Things Can Only Get Better for you when you delurk.

The round up of recent events (click on the links below, and it will bring up the relevant link)

  1. David Blanchflower says about the next general election: Message to forecasters: Don’t assume that the future will turn out like the past…. Labour will win in 2015 with an outright majority of 86…! Beware of out-of-sample predictions. The two Eds will be pleased. 
  2. Labour aims to reassure trade unions by easing in party funding changes. Affiliation shakeup could be delayed five years as negotiator Lord Collins considers different models of political levy-paying
  3. The questions facing George Osborne in the Autumn statement. 
  4. The tricky politics of cutting our fuel bills. Voters don’t trust the government or the energy companies – so plans to reduce fuel bills by £1 a week may not win them over
  5. UK’s families are benefiting from recovery
  6. British wage-earners have taken £5,000 pay cut in five years, figures show
  7. Autumn Statement 2013: UK growth upgrade hits record
  8. Derivative markets have already upgraded Britain to AAA. Credit default swaps are “pricing” British bonds as if they were top-notch AAA quality
  9. So, that’s the problem with Tory rightwingers – they’re far too rational!
  10. 10 Amazingly Successful People Who Would Fail Boris Johnson’s Over-130 IQ Test
  11. How the EU is making NHS privatisation permanent.
  12. European commission inquiry into Hinkley Point deal could delay project
  13. Why Scottish independence isn’t the progressive choice. 
  14. Please, Scotland, vote Yes and take us northerners with you. I support Scottish independence because I’m sick of being English. How about a Greater Scotland, with a border just south of Blackpool?
  15. The divide between Scotland’s people and its political class has never been greater. While the SNP obsesses over independence, voters are more concerned with an unemployed population the size of Dundee.
  16. Lord Heseltine: ‘I want powerful councillors and I want them to be paid properly’
  17. Anglican Mainstream, a Christian group which supports the ‘ex-gay movement’, is due to hold a conference in London next month advocating gay-to-straight conversion therapy.
  18. Tom Daley is the most significant British sportsman to come out
  19. Amazon drones: nine ways it could go horribly wrong. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has unveiled plans for Amazon Prime Air, which allows the online retailer to use unmanned drones to deliver small packages. Daniel Johnson speculates on nine ways the new delivery service is a disaster waiting to happen
  20. John Rentoul’s chart of the day. ::Innocent face::
  21. England to be out of Europe next year.
  22. Sherlock enters top baby name list
  23. Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch Admits It’s ‘Harder Meeting Women’ Now He’s Famous
  24. Where did The Day Of The Doctor leave Doctor Who mythology?


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