PB Nighthawks is now open

PB Nighthawks is now open

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Why not relax, and converse into the night on the day’s events in PB NightHawks.

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The round up of recent events (click on the links below, and it will bring up the relevant link)

  1. Ed Miliband can’t face down Unite or Ed Balls. He’s a leader who can’t lead
  2. Ed Miliband foams at the mouth, literally.
  3. Do we all get more right-wing in hard times?
  4. Tory MPs have suggested killing off Whitehall departments, lowering the benefit cap and imposing VAT on children’s clothes and food in order to pay down the deficit
  5. Paul Sykes boosts Ukip’s coffers but is he helping to split the right?
  6. California Governor’s success is a promising sign for Nick Clegg’s political approach
  7. The Tories can become the party of the working class. The left has let down the people it’s supposed to represent. Enter Conservatism, which is at its best when focused on spreading opportunity
  8. Ukip is ‘unpatriotic and betraying Britain’, Nick Clegg says
  9. Putting Up with the EU - For the third time in two years, opponents of British membership of the European Union have lost their lead when people are asked how they would vote in a referendum.
  10. How Duncan Smith misled MPs on child poverty
  11. Surveillance technology out of control, says Lord Ashdown. Former Lib Dem leader says it is time for high-level inquiry to address fundamental questions about privacy in 21st century
  12. Blacklisting of union activists to be investigated by government review. Nick Clegg says inquiry into Unite’s strategy of protesting outside executives’ homes will also look at blacklisting
  13. Russell Brand likes to talk about revolution. Why doesn’t he get on with it?
  14. Denis MacShane facing jail after admitting false expenses claims of £13,000
  15. Hillary Clinton New Look at her in the ’90s. Both Sides Seek Salient Lessons in Her Tenure as First Lady; ‘Mother of Obamacare’?
  16. Scotland’s referendum is not democratic if prisoners are excluded
  17. Independent Scotland would face choice of tax rises or deep cuts, says IFS
  18. Qatar’s accidental vagina stadium is most gratifying. The resemblance of the Al-Wakrah World Cup stadium to the female genitalia can only be a good thing – sport and vaginas are not always such public bedfellows
  19. Husbands ‘will have to admit web porn use’, says David Cameron
  20. Now that’s what I call a life in music! As the Now compilation albums reach their 30th anniversary, a keen collector charts the tunes he will always associate with moments in his life
  21. Are Silent Farts Really More Deadly? Science Has An Answer
  22. Internet cafes in China are hiring bikini-clad girls to sit with ‘geek’ male customers – to remind them not to forget the real world.
  23. Husband’s ear bitten off in love triangle feud
  24. Ireland consider bidding to host 2023 rugby union World Cup
  25. This Friday, is the 10th Anniversary of England winning the Rugby World Cup, relive that final here.
  26. For PB Irishpeople, here’s Ireland’s most memorable moment in The Rugby World Cup. Here’s Scotland’s most memorable moment in the Rugby World Cup. And here’s Wales’ most memorable moment in the Rugby World Cup.


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