PaddyPower ‘s latest odds on the post GE2015 government

PaddyPower ‘s latest odds on the post GE2015 government

With another bookie I have another CON-LD coalition at 9/1 and I’ve got 12/1 that there’ll be another hung parliament but no coalition.

In many ways I think that a LD-LAB coalition is less likely than a CON-LD one. I think that LAB would find it much harder to swallow going in with the yellows than Dave did in 2010. If they are close to the magic 326 threshold then they’ll try going it alone.

There’s another problem for LAB. If they are short on seats then it’s quite likely that they would have ended up with fewer votes than the Tories which would make it that bit harder for the LDs to give EdM the keys of Number 10.

Clearly everything depends on numbers but speculating on what might happen is what we do here at PB – particularly if you can have a punt.

Mike Smithson

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