Calling all PB Football Fans!

Calling all PB Football Fans!

Hello PB’ers,


This is Robert, Mike’s son and the technical administrator for the site. I’d just like to use the site as an advertisement for a business I’m involved in, Crowdscores. The idea is simple: crowdsourced football scores. Fans watching games record goals, and the like, and this means that we have the fastest football scores around. (We also have a nice line in fan generated commentary.)

Currently, we do Premiership, SPL, and European games. But this idea is perfectly scalable, and I think the real opportunity lies in getting live score data (and more) on leagues that are simply too small to be covered by the traditional media, the Press Association and the like.

To celebrate leaving closed beta two weeks ago, we’re having a little competition – sign up, report goals, full-time, etc., and win a football shirt for the team of your choice. We’ll be rolling out additional prizes, on a club-by-club basis, for the most accurate scorer, the fastest, and the like, as well as for people who write the best commentary.

So go on, while you’re watching football – either at the stadium or on TV – help us get the freshest and most accurate scorelines. And, while you’re at it, contribute to the commentary too.

Please: go to Crowdscores and give it a try.

Thanks, Robert

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