Tories get closer in Mail on Sunday Survation poll

Tories get closer in Mail on Sunday Survation poll

60% back the abolition of green taxes

By 60% to 18% those in the poll said they opposed when asked this question: “At the moment the average annual household energy bill includes £128 in “green taxes”, used to subsidise items such as wind farms, and other government measures. By 2020, this figure will be around £270 Do you support or oppose the existence of these charges?”

Just 25% told the firm that Cameron was rolling back green taxes because he was worried about families facing high energy bills. 43% said the move came because he was worried about popularity of EdM’s price freeze and 17% because of John Major’s intervention.

By 61% to 11% those sampled said they supported the Cameron’s move.

54% of those sampled said they thought that the EdM price cap would not work because the energy firms would raise prices before and after.

47% in the poll rejected David Cameron’s description of EdM’s plan as a “con” – 34% said it was.

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