Marf’s and other reaction to Cameron’s speech

Marf’s and other reaction to Cameron’s speech

I’ve been out all day and have yet to see Dave’s big speech – so I don’t have any views. The following I found interesting.

Telegraph man declares EdM the winner

Martin writes:-

“His (Cameron”s) effort today at Tory conference in Manchester this year will not be ranked as great. It was perfectly fine, with all sorts of boxes ticked. But it will be largely forgotten within 24 hours. This was a holding speech designed to buy time while Cameron and the rest of the Tory leadership attempt to work out what on earth to do about the resurgent Ed Miliband.

There is no doubt. Ed Miliband won this year’s party conference season. Not only did he deliver a speech in Brighton that will, I suspect, turn out to be one of the most significant platform addresses of the last two decades, but he then dominated Tory conference as well. That is quite a feat for a leader of the opposition...

GE2015 – a re-run of GE1992?

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