Syria – How it will impact domestic politics

Syria – How it will impact domestic politics

There was some polling released overnight by YouGov for The Times



Despite overwhelming opposition to missile strikes in Syria, David Cameron’s personal ratings can give him some comfort.



Going forward, I would caution reading too much into polling changes over the next few days and weeks, particularly if they’re sub margin of error, plus if there is Western intervention in Syria, with UK participation, there could be a boost for the Government and David Cameron’s personal ratings, in the past, there have been on occasions short term boosts for the Government and Prime Minister, as nation rallies behind them in a time of war.

It could well be, military action begins and continues during the party conference season which starts in just over a fortnight, which has also seen short term poll movements.

For me, one of the most interesting aspects of the whole Syria story has been Labour’s approach, which has earned them praise and has earned David Cameron opprobrium.

Nick Clegg has also taken the opportunity to carve out a different position for the Lib Dems and past Lib Dem glories

UKIP seem intent on hovering up the anti-war vote.

But back to Dave and Ed, Parliament is back at 2.30pm today, and it could be entertaining viewing between those two, judging by the comments reported in the Times last night.


UPDATE – Paddy Power put up a market whether Labour’s Motion will pass or not


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