Nighthawks is now open

Nighthawks is now open

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If you’re experiencing Insomnia, why not relax, and converse into the night on the day’s events in PB NightHawks.

If you’re a lurker, why not delurk tonight, it certainly is an interesting time in UK politics, with Syria’s use of weapons of, Mass Destruction,

The round up of recent events (click on the links below, and it will bring up the relevant link)

  1. Labour Kills Commons Vote On Military Action In Syria As Cameron Forced To Seek UN Resolution
  2. Alastair Campbell Warns It Is ‘Incredibly Dangerous’ Not To Intervene In Syria
  3. Hans Blix - Even if Assad used chemical weapons, the west has no mandate to act as a global policeman
  4. Strike on Syria Would Lead to Retaliation on Israel, Iran Warns
  5. Syrian crisis threatens pump prices
  6. Nearly six in ten of Americans say the U.S. should stay out of the conflict in Syria and 54% say the U.S. has no responsibility to intervene around the globe
  7. Peter Kellner: The shadow of Vietnam constrained United States foreign policy for decades after the last American soldier left Saigon in 1975. Iraq is now casting a similar shadow over British foreign policy.
  8. Syria – how can those of us who give a damn now make a difference
  9. Assad is like the contingently inept Carthaginians and that’s why he will lose. 
  10. Syrian Electronic Army wreaks havoc on Twitter and New York Times
  11. Could comedy help reverse youth disengagement in politics?
  12. Chilcot report into Iraq conflict will not be released until 2014
  13. Million foreign voters could sway result of next general election, warns report. A million Commonwealth citizens living in England and Wales should be stripped of the right to vote because they could significantly influence the outcome of the next general election, according to a new report.
  14. Wind farms are a breach of human rights says UN. No, really
  15. Paul Maynard MP: Turn your back on HS2 and you turn your back on the North of England
  16. Fox News plays ‘Dude looks like a lady’ over Chelsea Manning segment
  17. Archbishop of Canterbury: ‘My stance against equal marriage can be seen as wicked’
  18. A UN watchdog will touch down in Britain tomorrow to investigate the “bedroom tax” and eviction threats driving tenants to suicide.
  19. Labour’s compulsory jobs guarantee offers hope for the long term unemployed
  20. Chinese News site ‘passes off Battlestar Galactica as aircraft carrier’
  21. Tory MPs angered by BFI funding for posh Bullingdon Club film. Conservative party members link funding of drama about the drunken exploits of young Tories to the decision to cut film industry subsidies
  22. Miley Cyrus ‘Twerk’ Dance Move Makes Dictionary


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