Angus Reid poll on Scotland

Angus Reid poll on Scotland

There’s a new poll out by Angus Reid for the Sunday Express on the Scottish Independence referendum, which sees an improvement for the Yes side


Note, the changes are from Angus Reid’s last poll on this topic, which was for The Mail on Sunday, the Sunday Express articles references the last poll conducted for the Sunday Express. The Mail on Sunday Poll details can be found here

Other excerpts from the poll

  • 28 per cent of people say they feel “engaged” by the referendum debate compared to 20 per cent who say they feel “bored”
  • Only 55 per cent of SNP voters at the last Scottish Parliament election plan to vote Yes, with more than a quarter – 27 per cent – set to vote No.
  • 30 per cent of Labour voters at the last Scottish Parliament election are set to back independence, along with 22 per cent of Lib Dem supporters.
  • 4% of Conservative voters are planning to back independence

With just under 13 months to go, there is all to play for both sides, especially if 30% of Labour voters are set to back independence, as an aside most of the comment on this poll is “ MORE than half a million Scots would consider moving south of the Border or emigrating abroad if the country becomes independent.” I’m very dubious about these types of question, I’d suspect those planning to move, were most unlikely to ever vote for Scotland to become an independent country.

The fieldwork info was Angus Reid surveyed 549 Scottish voters on August 16 – shortly after Scotland played England at Wembley



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