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Night Hawks is open

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The round up of recent events (click on the links below, and it will bring up the relevant link)

  1. Get real – the coalition only handed their dodgy donation back because they were caught red handed
  2. Wind farm firm that won £4.5m is a major donor to Tories
  3. Mohamed ElBaradei, Egypt’s vice president has resigned, as the death toll from violent clashes rises to at least 149.
  4. Sky News Cameraman Killed In Egypt
  5. The bloodshed on the streets of Egypt is a disaster for the country. It also creates a desperate dilemma for the west.
  6. Bad economic news for Europe is good news for Merkel and Cameron – These figures are proof not of a European recovery, but of the right’s ability to exploit grim times in a way that eludes the left
  7. The Tories might be winning the air war but they’re losing the ground game
  8. Friends and foes are wondering if Mr Miliband has lost the plot. If Labour persists with the nursery school politics, the party is heading for defeat at the polls
  9. Ed Miliband Is Egged On Campaign Visit
  10. How much trouble is Ed Miliband in?
  11. Why Alastair Campbell’s advice to Ed Miliband sucks
  12. Labour must expose the Tory wealth trap
  13. Could the German economic model be Ed Miliband’s ‘big idea’?
  14. What will Labour’s “policy goodies” be?
  15. Is there a cost of living crisis?
  16. Lancashire MPs join forces to seek fracking sweeteners
  17. Most Ugandans support anti-gay bill but the government is worried about losing aid
  18. Russian TV Presenter Comes Out On Air, Gets Fired, Anton Kraskovsky came out on his government-backed cable network and was fired within hours.
  19. Former SNP leader tells Alex Salmond: Attack the English ‘southern cancer’ to win referendum
  20. Nato chiefs deal blow to SNP’s anti-nuclear strategy
  21. Pro-independence businessman gets into private meeting with David Cameron. The Scottish Conservatives have been embarrassed after they granted a businessman who has publicly backed Alex Salmond’s election access to a private meeting with David Cameron.
  22. As Scotland play England tonight, here’s one of Gordon Brown’s favourite footballing moments.
  23. Are atheists mentally ill?
  24. Why do all my friends want to murder their husbands?
  25. Microsoft to fund remake of BBC’s sci-fi cult classic ‘Blake’s 7’
  26. Britain’s foreign legion of missing voters. The search is on for five million expats whose ballots could be vital in a close contest


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