What we need is some Lynton Crosby betting

What we need is some Lynton Crosby betting

Is he going to survive all the way to GE2015?

For me the most interesting political story of the weekend was the Sunday Times piece, linked to in the Tweet above, about his planned covert operation to undermine UKIP.

The idea is to launch what the report describes as “a “below-the-radar” operation to undermine UKIP politicians by catching them making embarrassing comments”. A key part of this, based allegedly on comments made by Crosby at a private meeting, is that third parties would do the briefing of the press because Crosby was concerned “that the plan will be wrecked if anyone finds out the Tories are behind it”.

This is getting onto dangerous grounds and the fact that this aspect is already been reported suggests that this objective has failed already.

The Sunday Times also reported Crosby as attacking last week’s immigration moves which many had assumed had been shaped by him in the first place.

My guess is that stories like this will continue as long as Crosby has the role and there must be a chance that there will come a time when his position becomes untenable.

We know from Cameron’s treatment of Peter Cruddas that he can be totally ruthless when the need arises.

So why not some betting markets on Lynton’s survival with the Tories. Will he make it all the way to GE2015?

Mike Smithson

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