EdM takes on his paymasters

EdM takes on his paymasters

I love the old political maxim, repeated by Peter Kellner this morning, that you should “never let a serious crisis go to waste”.

This is particularly important for opposition leaders because it can often be challenging for them to get any media attention as Cameron found during Gordon’s media honeymoon in 2007. It’s governments that have so much power over the news agenda and then, for 3 months, Brown was making an announcement a day. Dave hardly got a look in and his ratings slumped.

So a benefit to Ed of the Unite row is that he is making the news. The critical thing for Labour is that he comes over in a manner that boosts his position and that is far from certain.

EdM’s proposal to limit MPs outside earnings will poll well and hurt the Tories more. I think that this is wrong but it’s good politics.

Mike Smithson

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