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PB Nighthawks is now open


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The round up of recent events (click on the links below, and it will bring up the relevant story)

  1. Why the odds are still on a Labour victory in 2015
  2. Labour’s spending worked. Why don’t they defend it?
  3. Boris Johnson considering third term as mayor of London
  4. The Tories must beware these feelings of irrational exuberance
  5. Tax officials failed to collect £9.6bn in VAT in 2010-11, auditors find
  6. Theresa May’s modernising moment on stop and search
  7. Greece could be denied IMF aid
  8. For those of us wishing to arm the Syrian Rebels, this won’t help our case, The boy killed for an off-hand remark about God – Sharia spreads in Syria
  9. Whilst MPs Plot Commons Vote On Arming Syrian Rebels Before Summer Recess
  10. David Cameron’s official says “You go halfway around the world and what’s the first thing they want to know about,  Alex Salmond.”
  11. Nats vs NeoCons
  12. When Speakers attack! John Bercow’s scariest moments of shouting at MPs
  13. Mitt Romney voted against himself becoming President.
  14. David Blunkett: Labour ‘vote-rigging’ report must be published
  15. Vicky Pryce returns to public eye with House of Lords committee appearance
  16. Five victims of deadly Dave’s “Curse of Cameron”
  17. Is there anything these Tory bastards won’t do for profit?
  18. Anthony Wells looks at the “house effects” of each polling company, that is – the party partisan effects of each company’s methodology



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