UKIP drop 6 pts in latest ICM phone poll

UKIP drop 6 pts in latest ICM phone poll

Are we heading to a new normality?

The June telephone poll from ICM, one of the three remaining regular surveys that carry out their fieldwork in this way, is out and sees a sharp decline for UKIP after reaching 18% last month.

That poll took place while the Farage’s party was enjoying the mass of coverage following its big success in the May 2nd local elections and the good second place in the South Shields by-election.

This month the limelight has been off the party which is clearly reflected in the figures.

    But make no mistake – 12% in an ICM phone poll, which many regard as the gold standard, is a very good share for UKIP and is the second highest that we’ve seen from the firm.

Fieldwork for this latest poll took place from Friday until Sunday.

To a question on the handling the slump, both the the blue and red teams are losing trust in parallel. Cameron and Osborne maintain a 9% lead over the TwoEd as the most trusted team for economic management, but only because the LAB two have fallen by the same level.

It should be noted, given my last post, that ICM do not prompt for UKIP.

Mike Smithson

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