Is Ed Miliband Cameron’s secret antidote to the UKIP surge?

Is Ed Miliband Cameron’s secret antidote to the UKIP surge?

A little over a week ago, there was a report in The Times (££) talking about UKIP’s future fundraising plans.

In a significant re-casting of its pitch to would-be supporters, the party is asking voters to “lend” their support for next year’s European elections but to give no further commitment.

To achieve this, they will set up a special bank account, the “2014 Campaign Account”.

The main reason for UKIP doing this is

“[voters] fear that an insurgent Nigel Farage will let Labour into power”

With reports

Where groups used to describe Ed Miliband as “weird”, they now tend to call him “weak”.

Ed Miliband is judged to be too weak to stand up for the country, too weak to take the tough decisions most believe are unavoidable, and too weak to stand up to Ed Balls, the unions or world leaders.

I wonder if we’ll hear the “Vote UKIP get Miliband” meme a lot more in the upcoming months, especially with UKIP effectively admitting the “Vote UKIP, get Miliband” line has the potential to damage them.

As has been noted before, UKIP are disproportionately taking votes from people who voted Tory in the past, they could be more receptive to the perceived dangers of voting UKIP and letting Ed Miliband become Prime Minister.

Time will tell if it will be effective.



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