Ukip up 5 and the LDs up 4 as the big two fall back in ComRes phone poll

Ukip up 5 and the LDs up 4 as the big two fall back in ComRes phone poll

Ukip’s 14% is the highest ever for a phone survey

With the Times deciding to get rid of its monthly Populus poll there are now only regular three telephone surveys each month – ICM for the Guardian, Ipsos-MORI for the Standard and this one – ComRes for the Independent.

As can be scene from the pie chart Ukip has advanced to 14%, its highest rating in a telephone survey by any pollster.

It shows LAB on 38% (down five on last month), CON on 28% (down three), Ukip on 14% (up five ), the and the LDs on 12 per cent (up four).

The post-Budget survey suggests that LAB has made little progress in winning the economic argument in the past year. Some 29% of people trust Dave and Osbo to make the right decisions about the economy, while 58% do not – a net rating of minus 29 points. Meanwhile, only 22% trust the TwoEds to make the right economic decisions, while 62% do not – a net rating of minus 40 , no better than the party’s score in previous ComRes polls in January and October last year.

The public is still more likely to blame today’s economic problems on the previous LAB Government than the Coalition. Asked whether the Coalition is more to blame, 54% disagree and 32% agree.

Another poll, from TNS BMRB has Ukip at 17. This week’s shares: CON 27% (+1), LAB 37% (-2), LD 10% (-3), UKIP 17% (+4).

Mike Smithson

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