Which Lib Dem would have to go to create a vacancy for Huhne?

Which Lib Dem would have to go to create a vacancy for Huhne?

We are now talking about a possible return for Chris Huhne following comments by Nick Clegg today. This is from the BBC report:-

“I would like to see Chris return, if he is cleared of everything,” he said.

Mr Clegg described Mr Huhne, whom he beat to the Lib Dem leadership in 2007, as an “accomplished politician… an old colleague and a friend”.

“I can’t predict what is going to happen in court cases nor what might happen afterwards and when, but as a starting point I think Chris is someone who belongs at the top table of British politics,” he said.

Pressed on which Lib Dem minister would have to make way for Mr Huhne, Mr Clegg said he wanted him back “as a matter of principle” but did not know “how, where or when”.”

The number of LD cabinet members is fixed at five in the coalition agreement and if Huhne was to be given a place again then one of them would have to move which could, of course, impact on the next cabinet exit betting. These are the latest prices from Ladbrokes

8/1 Cable
10/1 Clegg
25/1 Moore
25/1 Alexander
33/1 Davey

I think there are two possibles at either end of the bettng – Vince Cable and Ed Davey who took over the energy role last year when Huhne had to stand aside.

Maybe it will be none of them and Huhne would have to wait until the next re-shuffle.

But all this is contingent on other events which we cannot discuss.

Mike Smithson

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