What was the PB post of 2012 and who wrote it?

What was the PB post of 2012 and who wrote it?

The top post of the year – the nomination stage

Each year at this time it has been traditional to hold an election for the poster of the year.

    This time it will operate somewhat differently – which of the 400,000+ comments published on PB during 2012 stand out for their political insight, their humour or were the best betting tips?

If you can please copy and paste your nominations on the thread below.

You can self-nominate and there is no restriction on the number of nominations.

Once we have the nominations short-lists will be drawn up for elections in different categories leading to the final election for post of the year. At the moment I can envisage insight, humour and betting being the main categories though others might be added depending on this thread.

    You don’t have to be a poster to nominate and vote and the thoughts of lurkers are particularly welcomed.

Nominations will close at 6pm tomorrow.

Voting will take place over the coming week.

Mike Smithson

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