LAB leads drops 4 points in latest ComRes phone poll

LAB leads drops 4 points in latest ComRes phone poll

The ComRes phone poll, one of just four we get each month using this methodology, is just out and, as can be seen, the LAB lead of 11% or a month ago becomes 7% with the Tories moving up 2 and Labour moving down 2.

Most of the fieldwork took place while the Rotherham fostering case was making the news though it’s hard to pin events on polling movements particularly those with voting share changes within the margin of error.

    The Tories will be pleased to be only 2% down on their 2010 general election share – only problem is that Labour are 12% ahead of theirs and it’s that gap that matters.

Some 54% agree that “Britain should leave the EU but maintain close trading links”, while 36% disagree. CON supporters (61%) are more likely than LAB ones (45%) to agree. The findings suggest that Eurosceptics who want to the UK to leave the EU might be able to win an “in/out” referendum if they could persuade the public that trade ties with the other 26 EU members would not be put at risk.

People are evenly divided on whether Britain should remain a full member of the EU. Some 46% agree, while 45% disagree. There is a big age gap. The 18-34 are the most likely age group to agree (71%), compared to 34% of 65+ group.

Mike Smithson

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