Nadine’s ended her jungle ordeal and is in fighting form attacking Dave and George

Nadine’s ended her jungle ordeal and is in fighting form attacking Dave and George

Over to you Mr Chief Whip

Nadine Dorries spoke to Iain Dale from Australia this morning on LBC 97.3

DALE: Going back to the issue of sexism, it’s been interesting that a lot of the MPs who have been most critical of you have actually been female Conservative MPs. Do you think that they’re going to send you to Coventry when you come back?

DORRIES: Do I care? Why would I know? Why would I be interested in that? The word jealousy springs to mind actually. Its, I know what’s happened, a lot of MPs including the female MPs, and the female MPs I’ve been told are the critical ones are the jobless and the more ambitious. There’s been a kind of oh no, she’s gone in the jungle and she’s going to attack Cameron and Osborne.

I know this has probably been fired up by number 10. What amazes me is that number 10 would think I would go into the jungle for it to be all about them. It wasn’t about them, it was about me and the issues I’m concerned in. But I know the operation and you know it as well Iain, because you know politics well enough.

What has happened is that number 10 has panicked because they thought I’d gone to talk about Cameron /Osborne and they’ve done everything they can to make it difficult.

They’ve put in this ridiculous suspension, which has just given me far more attention that I would have had before. They’ve kicked up this media frenzy. They’ve got all the Cameroon MPs to go and denounce me. What does all that achieve? It achieves nothing. And all it does actually is play to my own agenda to make sure I get a big platform to talk about the issues of principal that I’m concerned in.”

You can listen to the full interview here.

Ladbrokes seem to have taken down their “Nadine specials”.

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