At least there shouldn’t be that many votes to count…

At least there shouldn’t be that many votes to count…

It looks good for LAB but not that good

With a huge number of elections on different sorts taking place yesterday the focus overnight and now is on the counts and the pitifully low turnouts.

    Two Westminster by-elections counted which have been held by LAB with biggish swings to them. But Manchester Central and Cardiff South, will go into the record books as having the lowest and third lowest turnout levels since the war.

In Manchester the Tories total was reduced to just 754 votes – but at least Dave’s party ended up 5 votes ahead of UKIP. The LDs retained their second place.

  • Lucy Powell (Lab) 11,507
  • Marc Ramsbottom (LD) 1,571
  • Matthew Sephton (C) 754
  • Chris Cassidy (Ukip) 749
  • Tom Dylan (Green) 652
  • Eddy O’Sullivan (BNP) 492
  • Loz Kaye (Pirate) 308
  • Alex Davidson (TUSC) 220
  • Catherine Higgins (Respect) 182
  • Howling Laud Hope (Loony) 78
  • Lee Holmes (People’s Dem) 71
  • Peter Clifford (Comm Lge) 64

In Cardiff the Tories held onto their second place from the general election and deposit.

  • Stephen Doughty (Lab) 9,193
  • Craig Williams (C) 3,859
  • Bablin Molik (LD) 2,103
  • Luke Nicholas (PC) 1,854
  • Simon Zeigler (UKIP) 1,179
  • Anthony Slaughter (Green) 800
  • Andrew Jordan (Soc Lab) 235
  • Robert Griffiths (Comm) 213

The Corby count is this morning and all signs are that LAB will re-take the seat lost in 2010. But it’s not all good news for the party.

There are reports that EdM’s party has failed in its attempt to win the first directly-elected mayoral vote in Bristol. The buzz from the counting is that Shadsy’s tip, the Independent ex-Liberal, has done it. He was 5/1 on Wednesday when I had a small flutter.

The Tories did win the one Police & Crime Commissioner election to be announced overnight – Wiltshire. During the day we’ll get the results of the other 40.

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