Dick Morris says Romney by 4 points

Dick Morris says Romney by 4 points

Should we listen to the ex-Clinton man who advised UKIP?

Since the party conventions the polling and the betting in the White House race has all been one way – to Barack Obama.

The narrative is firm – the president is going to be re-elected and Mitt Romney’s gaffe-prone campaign will fail.

There are few voices expressing any other point of view but I thought that this Fox News interview with Dick Morris was worth looking at. He makes the counter case very forcefully and his point that this is all about turnout is strong.

If you believe him and he’s correct there’s money to be made and of course the PB William Hill White House race prediction competition which closes at 1000 BST. Very few entrants have plumped for Romney.

Hat-tip for the Morris interview to PoliticalWire.

  • In 2004/5 Dick Morris had a key role in the emergence of UKIP – see here
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