Ed Miliband could be the only party leader left standing

Ed Miliband could be the only party leader left standing

Both coalition partners might have new leaders

With all the talk of a Vince Cable leadership of the Lib Dems and the rumblings within the Tory party could it be that by the general election is the only one of the three main party leaders still to be in post?

    It’s not that far-fetched because, unlike Labour, both the blues and the yellows have shown themselves to be ruthless with leaders they fear are electoral liabilities.

The pressure, of course, comes from MPs themselves when they start to look at their own situations and try to assess their chances of survival.

I wonder whether the departure of one of the coalition leaders could lead to the other one going pretty soon afterwards.

Thus if Cable replaced Clegg and the yellows started rising in the polls that could add to panic amongst the blues.

The same might be the case the other way if, by any chance, Boris became Tory leader.

There is an interesting Betfair market which so far has little liquidity. You have to choose which of the line-up of current leaders will still be there at the general election.

Mike Smithson @MSmithsonPB

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