Cameron made a mistake attacking EdM over the coffee

Cameron made a mistake attacking EdM over the coffee

Does he need to take a lesson from Maggie?

Overall I thought that both David Cameron and Ed Miliband did well at the first session of PMQs for nearly two months. Both seemed to be charged up and on top of things after their holidays which, unlike last year, were not interrupted by the need to return to London because of the rioting.

The one part of Dave’s performance wherehe made a mistake was his attack on Ed Miliband for getting the coffee. He said that the fact that Miliband brings the coffee to shadow Cabinet which illustrated “..just how assertive and butch the leader of the opposition is…”.

Using that sort of language and attacking Miliband for what amount to good manners could come back to haunt him. It is also not going to endear him with women voters.

These unscripted unguarded comments that tend to come out when he’s taking PMQs can be very revealing.

    Mrs. Thatcher, it was always said, made a great point of looking after her guests and ministerial colleagues doing tasks which in Dave’s terms might appear menial.

There’s a lesson for Dave to be learned there.

Mike Smithson @MSmithsonPB

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