The scale of the reshuffle looks bigger than was thought

The scale of the reshuffle looks bigger than was thought

Will it make the blues more popular?

The day is going to be dominated by the reshuffle as hour by hour new details emerge.

At the moment it’s hard to be confident about the winners and losers and all eyes will be on which of the 2010 Tory intake will get preferment.

From what has emerged overnight it seems that Dave has sacked Cheryl Gillan , the Welsh Secretary, Ken Clarke , and Andrew Lansley – the ex-SDPer who was the PMs ex-boss when he worked at the party HQ in the 90s.

There’s no word yet about Baroness Warsi – widely tipped to lose her job as Tory chairman or any of the Liberal Democrats.

There are suggestions that Justine Greening is being moved from Transport where she’s been seen as a block on moving forward with the third runway at Heathrow. Opposition to this was part of the Tory general election manifesto enshrined in the coalition agreement.

We do know for sure that Andrew Mitchell is moving from overseas development to Chief Whip – a move that could please the right.

It’s hard to come to firm conclusions until we see the bigger picture.

Mike Smithson

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