ICM Polling in the Guardian VI added

ICM Polling in the Guardian VI added


The Guardian has published an excerpt of their monthly ICM poll.

On the net satisfaction ratings, David Cameron still leads Ed Miliband minus 12 to minus 13.

Nick Clegg’s net satisfaction rating is minus 26.

Following on from the reports on problems in the relationship between Ed Miliband and Ed Balls, the ICM net rating when asked if Ed Miliband is doing a good job is minus 13%, for Ed Balls it is minus 8%.

The Guardian notes

Balls beats Miliband in part because a relatively high proportion (30%) said they did not know when asked whether the shadow chancellor was doing a good job. This compares with 21% for Miliband who has a much higher profile than Balls.

This post will be updated if the VI figures come out.

The VI is (changes in brackets)

Conservatives 34% (nc)

Labour 39% (nc)

Lib Dems 15% (+1)

The tables can be found here


ICM also asked “Putting aside your own party preference and thinking only about their performance in the job, which, if any of the following do you think should lose their job in the cabinet reshuffle?”

George Osborne 48%

Andrew Lansley 37%

Michael Gove 36%

Ken Clarke 28%

Jeremy Hunt 24%

William Hague 21%

None of these 15%

These are absolute figures, and unlike Survation’s polling, didn’t include an individual question of should x retain their job.




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