New Survation poll out

New Survation poll out

Conservatives 30 (+1)

Labour 37 (nc)

UKIP 12 (+1)

Lib Dems 10 (-3)

The changes are from the last Survation poll in June.

They polled on behalf of the Mail on Sunday, they asked about various cabinet ministers, and should they be kept or fired.

  • 44% want Ken Clarke to remain, whilst 28% want him fired. Support for Mr Clarke keeping his place is highest among Liberal Democrat voters, with only 11 per cent of them believing he should leave the Cabinet – compared with 21 per cent of Conservative voters.
  • For George Osborne, it is only 27 per cent of voters wanting him to stay as Chancellor compared with 43 per cent who want him sacked. Even among Tory voters, the ‘sack’ figure is 26 per cent
  • For Andrew Lansley, 36% want him sacked, an 33% want him to remain.
  • For Baroness Warsi, 39% want her sacked  24% want her to remain in the cabinet.
  • For Theresa May, 38% want her out and the same proportion saying she should stay on.

Another interesting snippet.

The poll finds strong support for Mr Laws being given a job that would allow him to help  Mr Osborne pull the country out of recession – for example by simply being given his old job back, or by being allocated a ‘roving’ brief that would include an economic portfolio.

A total of 44 per cent of voters agree with the idea compared with 16 per cent who disagree.

Among Conservative voters, 55 per cent want Mr Laws to help Mr Osborne – close to the 62 per cent figure recorded among Lib Dem voters.


Survation interviewed a total of 1,023 people last Thursday.





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