Will these be successful strategies for The Tories in 2015?

Will these be successful strategies for The Tories in 2015?

The Times has an article discussing future Tory electoral strategies. It says key Tory ministers are pushing for a dramatic shift in the way the next Tory election campaign is run.

One key Tory minister said

“The next election shouldn’t be about love-bombing and seeking the vote we need to win to the Left. We can’t win votes by being cuddly Tory-Lib Dem lite. We actually need votes to the right of us,” said one minister who is holding meetings about future Tory political strategy.


One No 10 source told The Times they do not believe that George Osborne will be in charge, as he was in 2010.

“He doesn’t want to do it,” they said.

Some want Lynton Crosby, the architect of Boris Johnson’s victory in 2008, to lead the 2015 campaign.

The Times then listed fifty upcoming policy differences/issues for the two coalition parties that would arise in the next few months.

“The opening days of the coalition in 2010 saw a decision to delay many of the trickiest questions by creating taskforces or reviews. These are now returning to ministerial intrays at a time when coalition relations have significantly worsened. The coalition agreement alone, published in May 2010, set up 27 policy reviews.”

Some ministers highlighted the huge bounce after Mr Cameron vetoed Britain’s participation in the fiscal compact last December, suggesting that the party would reap the benefits of similar bold policy moves, especially over these fifty upcoming policy differences.

Whether these strategies will be successful in 2015, time will tell.




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