Is this how Obama will portray Romney’s V-P pick?

Is this how Obama will portray Romney’s V-P pick?

Will Paul Ryan help or hinder the Romney campaign?

Within the past hour it’s been announced that Mitt Romney has chosen Wisconsin congressman, Paul Ryan as his running mate.

The telegenic 42 year old has made a big impact in Washington as chairman of the House Budget Committee and he’s very much seen as someone who’ll appeal to the party’s core supporters.

    But is there, perhaps, too much baggage around from his fights with the White House over the budget. The above video from last year shows how he can be portrayed.

This election is all about turnout. Ryan should help on the Republican side but also galvanise the Obama vote.

This is a big gamble by Romney and already some DC insiders are calling Ryan “an intellectual version of Sarah Palin”.

VP betting: Ryan is very much a surprise and didn’t figure amongst some bookies list of possible VP picks until very recently. I lost on this market. My 40/1 choice was Condi Rice.

Mike Smithson @MSmithsonPB

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