How the Government’s online bike shop helped win the golds

How the Government’s online bike shop helped win the golds

But don’t expect a bargain or early delivery

One of the critical elements behind Team GB’s success in the velodrome has been the equipment used – so much so that some of the losing teams have started to ask questions.

For much of it has been developed by the team itself with the aim of giving an extra edge. This, however, created a problem. To meet international regulations introduced in 2007 all the equipment used by the team has to be commercially available.

But the chances of you being able to buy a bike like the one used by Chris Hoy in even the most elite of bike shops is remote.

To comply with the rules the government body, UK Sport with a GOV.UK web address, has set up an online retailing arm. Its sole purpose is to meet the requirements and not a lot of effort goes into promotional activities.

Once you have found the web pages don’t expect to get the item required quickly or get a bargain.

The site seems to do everything to put potential customers off.

    The equipment outlined in this document is manufactured in the UK to order by hand consequently lead time from order to delivery can sometimes be long.

    Items such as the frame, forks, and helmets were developed using cutting edge techniques, this R&D was funded by UKS and British Cycling. Although most of this expenditure has been absorbed by the GB Team, the very low volumes of equipment produced, the the construction methods outlined above plus the use of the very best materials means the price of these items is in line with their specialist nature.

    Prices and lead times will vary significantly depending on volumes required, so all enquires should be directed to UK Sport, the provider of all GB cycling’s equipment who will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide quotations.

Mike Smithson @MSmithsonPB

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