Should Osborne go or stay? The pollsters’ verdict

Should Osborne go or stay? The pollsters’ verdict

“Osborne should…” GO STAY
Populus 38%* 15%*
ComRes 44% 20%
YouGov 45% 20%

But he’s secure, surely, while Dave is PM?

Over the past week three major pollsters have asked those in their samples whether the Chancellor, George Osborne, should go. The simplified results are above.

The Populus question was “In the next couple of months David Cameron is likely to hold a reshuffle of his Cabinet, for each of the following members of his Cabinet. Please say whether a) they’re doing a good job and should stay in their post, b) they could be doing a better job but should still stay in their post, c) they’re doing a poor job and should be removed from their post or d) Don’t Know/Never heard of them…..?”

The middle option attracted a 31% response.

The ComRes question was in the firm’s much criticised “agree-disagree” format. “Do you agree or disagree with each of the following statements? George Osborne should be replaced as Chancellor of the Exchequer.”

YouGov put it this way: “Do you think George Osborne should remain as Chancellor of the Exchequer, or do you think David Cameron should replace him with a new Chancellor?”

Overall it doesn’t look good for Mr. Osborne. His saving grace from Cameron’s point of view is that he’s so central to government and Tory party strategy. It’s hard to see Dave moving him on.

Mike Smithson @MSmithsonPB

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