Will YouGov fuel the Cable speculation?

Will YouGov fuel the Cable speculation?

Preferred Chancellor Total
Vince Cable 22%
William Hague 16%
Ken Clarke 9%
Phillip Hammond 3%
Theresa May 2%
Nick Clegg 2%
Don’t know 47%

We’ve now got the full details of the Sunday Times YouGov finding on who those politicians it is thought would make the best replacement Chancellor for Mr.Osborne.

As can be seen there was a high don’t know element. By netting off the don’t knows we find that of those expressing a view 42% go for the 69 year old Lib Dem who is currently business secretary.

By a fair margin Cable was first choice amongst Labour voters and he came second to Hague with Tory voters.

    The political impact of this is that it will reinforce Cable’s position within his party.

The poll has the usual bad news for the current chancellor, George Osborne. 48% of those sampled thought he should be replaced with just 20% saying he should remain. Three weeks ago when the same question was asked the split was 45% to 24%. So Osborne net negative moves from -21% to -28%.

In the leader ratings there’s not much movement. Cameron is up a net 2 to minus 23% while Miliband is up a net one to minus 20%.

Clegg sees the biggest change up a net 6% from his low point of last week.

Mike Smithson @MSmithsonPB

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