Could Osborne be in for a move in the re-shuffle?

Could Osborne be in for a move in the re-shuffle?

Will Dave listen to Trevor Kavanagh’s advice?

Coming up in early September, if we are to believe the weekend papers, is Cameron’s planned reshuffle. This is due to take place on the first weekend of the month ahead of the return of parliament and the conference season.

Given that this is likely to be the only shuffle before the election its importance cannot be understated. The problem is that reshuffles can be very dangerous for prime minister especially after rebellions of the size that we’ve seen in the past 8 months.

Inevitably there’ll be some losers – those who are sacked or over-looked – and this can only add to the potential for future rebellions.

One person being targeted by the Tory-supporting press is George Osborne. This is part Trevor Kavanagh’s attack in the Sun:-

    “..Then he needs to carry out a Cabinet reshuffle and reassert his grip on Downing Street’s loosely managed engine room.

    That will require some uncharacteristic butchery. Some of his pals must go.

    Top of his list is George Osborne.

    The PM has to decide whether the Chancellor is a statesman devoted full-time to keeping Britain’s precious Triple-A credit rating. Or a political bruiser who risks his credibility in unseemly brawls with Ed Balls.

    It is Mr Osborne, not Nick Clegg’s Lib Dem rabble, who is to blame for the Government’s collapse in public esteem.

    People don’t mind Westminster thuggery if it works. But torpedoing his own Budget with a catalogue of unforced errors and crass incompetence is unforgivable..”

The suggestion is that Hague and Osborne swap job.

The Ladbrokes price against Osborne not being chancellor at the general election is 6/4. The first has Hague at 6/1 to replace him.

Mike Smithson @MSmithsonPB

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