Is Warsi the proxy for getting at Dave?

Is Warsi the proxy for getting at Dave?

Has the PM too much at stake to let her go?

Ladbrokes currently make Baroness Warsi the 7/4 favourite to be the next cabinet exit taking over that illustrious position from Jeremy Hunt.

Certainly the issues that have been raised could make life a bit tricky but on expenses is she that much different from other senior members of her party including cabinet colleagues?

    We must remember that Warsi’s position in the party is down entirely to Dave and I wonder whether too much of his reputation is tied up with her appointment for her to be dropped.

It is interesting to watch how over the past couple of years attacking Warsi has become a coded means for many Tory figures to attack Dave. It’s not done to launch onslaughts on your leader but it has become fair game to criticise one of his appointments.

One thing we know about Cameron is that he can be particularly stubborn over his personal decisions..

Mike Smithson

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