YouGov leader ratings: Ed behind again

YouGov leader ratings: Ed behind again

But before David Cameron gets too excited, his ratings from the previous week remain unchanged, it was Ed Miliband’s ratings that slipped back, so Ed couldn’t maintain his lead for a fourth week.

Cameron net rating minus 26 (nc from last week)

Miliband net rating minus 28 (minus 5 from last week)

Clegg net rating minus 55 (nc from last week)

It will be interesting to see what the Ipsos-Mori ratings will show later on this month.

But given recent coverage and events, David Cameron will be delighted to be ahead of Ed Miliband.

Some other supplementaries

59% do not think Cameron has a grip on government.

More than two thirds think he is out of touch, and more people see him as weak than strong.

Asked about recent U-turns, half of those questioned by YouGov said the changes were a sign of weakness or incompetence. Only a third saw them as a sign that ministers were willing to listen.

The supplementary that stood out for me.

Do you think George Osborne is doing a good job or a bad job as Chancellor of the Exchequer?

Doing a good job 17%

Doing a bad job 61%

Cameron must be hoping that his figures don’t start resembling his neighbour’s figures.

The VI was

Conservatives 32%

Labour 42%

Lib Dems 8%



Note: Mike Smithson is on holiday until June 7th.

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