Should you be betting on PRESIDENT Romney?

Should you be betting on PRESIDENT Romney?

Could we see the prices converge?

At the start of May I suggested that a bet on Romney for president looked like a value proposition. At the time his Betfair price was 3.15 and I put the equivalent of three months of my state pension on it.

Since then the price has edged in and is now at 2.7 – that’s 1.7/1 for those who have yet to come to terms with the betting exchange’s odds format.

I think this is going to move in further. All the polling suggests a very tight race and the GOP nominee and his supporting organisations will probably have a lot more to spend.

    Mitt is where he is today after utilising brutal negative TV ads against his Republican opponents.

    He’ll do the same and much more with Obama. This is going to be a bloody battle to end all bloody battles.

Both contenders should be close to evens. Romney isn’t and he’s the value bet.

Mike Smithson

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