Guardian ICM Labour lead down to 5

Guardian ICM Labour lead down to 5


Conservatives 36 (+3)

Labour 41 (nc)

LD 11 (-4)

Others 12 (+1)

Alarming for the the Lib Dems, they have hit a 15 year low with ICM.

For David Cameron, the trend with the other pollsters is mirrored here, as his personal ratings have fallen, where he is now in a dead heat with Ed Miliband on the leadership ratings.

The coalition retain their lead on the economic front, with some 44% prefer Cameron and chancellor George Osborne, as against 35% who would rather Ed Miliband and his shadow chancellor Ed Balls were in charge of the finances.

The gap was 21 points in December, 18 in January, 17 in March and 13 in April before closing by another four points over the last month.

There should be a Populus poll in the Times this evening, as soon as that is available, this post will be updated.


Populus Update

Labour 41 (-1) 
Tories 33 (nc)  
LD 10 (-1) 
Others 16 (+2)

The supplementaries are consistent with ICM, The Tories/Coalition still retain a lead over Labour when it comes to the economy, but that lead is narrowing.

Labour are still behind on the economy, with David Cameron, Nick Clegg and George Osborne trusted as the better economic team. The coalition team is backed by 40 per cent of the public, down two points from March. Ed Miliband and Ed Balls are on 33, up five points.




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