The councils to look out for overnight…

The councils to look out for overnight…

A time-line based on what results we’ll see first

Thanks to the Tory election analyst, Rob Hayward for this:

CON-LD seats. Shire districts (not in terms of change of control but are the Tories gaining seats or not where they did last year) St Albans, Southend, Milton Keynes

Later (but intermingled with CON-LD areas) will come CON-LAB contests. (Again not necessarily change of control) Plymouth, Southampton, Walsall, Harlow, Thurrock, Derby, Dudley

Very much later and into tomorrow LD-LAB. With many cities where there are mayoral ballots (of whatever sort) delaying counts till tomorrow and multi member wards up in Wales, the nature of LD losses to Lab will not be clear till tomorrow. (whereas they were evident from the start last year). The LDs are also likely to lose a lot of seats (to both Lab and SNP) in Scotland which will not come through till at least midday tomorrow.

LAB-PC early tomorrow morning

LAB-SNP-at lunchtime tomorrow at the earliest.

Have a great night.

There’s a full list of estimates result timings here.


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