Is Hunt about to become Dave’s human shield?

Is Hunt about to become Dave’s human shield?

What’ll be the fall-out from today’s revelations?

We’ve been in London all day for my wife, Jacky’s, graduation (she’s got an MSc from Birkbeck) and it was only on the train home that I first saw what could be devastating news in relation to culture secretary, Jeremy Hunt.

The Telegraph’s Iain Martin has got this right – Cameron will use Hunt as a “human shield”.

    In May last year Cameron said in words that might come to haunt him in May 2011: “Jeremy Hunt had a quasi-judicial role to carry out, which he carried out in my view entirely properly.

This comes on top of all the post-budgets problems and allegations of cash for access. The narrative is not good for Tories and their leader.

Labour is already ratcheting up the rhetoric that Hunt should resign and tomorrow we have PMQs. It’s going to be an interesting 24 hours.

The next cabinet exit betting markets appear to have been suspended.


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