Galloway in Bradford West: My 33-1 bet looking good

Galloway in Bradford West: My 33-1 bet looking good

This is what I wrote here on March 7th – just three weeks ago:-

“..Could Bradford West break the pattern of LAB holds with a much reduced turnout? Could this be the ideal seat for the return to Westminster of the controversial Celebrity Big Brother star and ex-LAB and ex-RESPECT MP, George Galloway?

Ladbrokes have just announced that they are offering 33/1 against him.

This might be just the sort of seat where Galloway could just be in with a shout. It’s a long-shot, I know, but it’s the sort of bet that I like.

He’ll get a mass of publicity and the question of whether he could beat Labour could dominate the media narrative. A lot could depend on how he gets on with the area’s Asian communities and how they view him.

The full betting market is Labour 1/20: Conservatives 8/1: George Galloway 33/1: UKIP 50/1: Liberal Democrats 100/1”


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