Has Obama’s re-election price become too tight?

Has Obama’s re-election price become too tight?

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Could he be punished for rising gas prices?

A new poll just out has Obama’s approval ratings moving to a new low. According to the latest CBS survey just 41% of Americans now approve of the job Mr. Obama is doing compared with 47% who disapprove of his performance.

An incumbent president’s job approval ratings are widely regarded as a key indicator during White House election years and if other polling follows the trend then it could put question marks over his chances.

What’s increasingly becoming an issue is the price of petrol and the polling suggests that Obama could be doing more.

The candidate for the GOP nomination who is most critical of the president on the issue, Newt Gingrich, is in with a good chance in today’s two primaries in Mississippi and Alabama.

I think the current price on Obama winning, 0.58/1 on Betfair, is too tight and I’ve started to lay (bet that he won’t do it). My bets are not predictions – they are simply my assessment of the value in current prices. My view is that Obama has less than a 63% chance of winning.


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