On the betting markets it’s Boris 62pc Ken 38pc

On the betting markets it’s Boris 62pc Ken 38pc

Yet all the polls have the gap at 2%

The chart from Betfair shows the movement in betting prices, expressed as a percentage, ahead of May’s race for the London Mayoralty. As can be seen it is about 62-38 for Boris.

We had another YouGov poll this week putting the Tory ahead by 51-49 – a reversal of the last poll.

The YouGov poll had London Westminster voting intention of LAB 47: CON 35: LD 9 which puts the mayoral voting intention into context.

Labour is doing far better amongst London voters for the next general election than Ken is doing for the mayoralty – a product of a significant number of Labour Westminster backers saying they’ll vote Johnson for City Hall.

My only bet on this election was on at 14/1 against Ken taken out nearly two years ago when he had yet to get the nomination. I cannot see value either way in the current price.


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