Meanwhile for Obama it looks better and better

Meanwhile for Obama it looks better and better

The chart shows Betfair’s changing prices on which party will win the November White House race. The graph says it all – since the Republican nomination started in the first week of January the betting has moved more and more towards Barack Obama and, as I write, the price is 8/15.

There have recently been one or two good pieces of economic news for the White House The latest unemployment numbers were a real positive.

A big factor, though, is the difficulty that the Republican party has with its range of potential nominees. The talk of a bokered convention in which “none of the above” gets the prize is increasing.

If it is, as I still think, Romney then so much has come out in this campaign which will be flung back at him when the White House Race proper starts.

I’m making sure that I maintain long positions on Daniels, Christie and Jeb Bush – all of whom have been mentioned as potential gap fillers.

Mike Smithson @MikeSmithsonOGH

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