Is EdM now off the “danger list”?

Is EdM now off the “danger list”?

Are his commons performances restoring confidence?

Less than a fortnight ago Ed Miliband’s future as LAB leader seemed very much in doubt. William Hills took some big bets and concluded that the incumbent was a gonner. The price against Ed not surviving until the general election moved in to 8/11 and you could have got evens on him staying there.

Things have changed rapidly. He did okay at PMQs last week and performed very well in response to Cameron’s commons EU statement.

It was noticeable at PMQs today how his best-benchers seemed to get behind him more. Ed has cut “the outrage” and has become quiet, considered and gives the impression of being more measured.

His new style contrasted with Cameron’s floundering and at times the PM looked mediocre.

No doubt this will have given a lot of cheer to his party and the Balls’ family plan to replace him will have to be put on hold.

That Hills bet at evens against him surviving to the general election is no longer available.

Mike Smithson @MikeSmithsonOGH

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