Marf on the Iowa outcome

Marf on the Iowa outcome

So close yet so far

Thanks to Marf for tonight’s cartoon.

All eyes are now on New Hampshire where Romney should have an easier time.

One thing’s “almost certain” is that the winning margin next Tuesday night will be a lot larger.

So certain are Ladbrokes that this will be the case that they have introduced a handicap market. Will Romney’s lead be greater than 18%. Also to add interest they are taking bets on the winner excluding Romney.

The latest Gallup national daily poll has both Santorum and Romney up 2 with Gingrich and Perry down one. I don’t think that any of the fieldwork took place after the Iowa result was known.

Tomorrow should be more interesting particularly as we should see the impact of the Bachmann withdrawl.

Mike Smithson @MikeSmithsonOGH

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