It’s time for the PB NightHawks Cafe

It’s time for the PB NightHawks Cafe

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With Christmas now only three and bit days away we are still waiting for what should be the final phone poll of 2011 – from ICM for the Guardian. I’ve got no news about it but it’s a survey I’m very keen to see given that the last poll from the firm, at the weekend, had CON 40/LAB 34/LD 14.

Was that just an outlier or can we expect something in the same region? Who knows?

Apart from that there’s a glut of US polling ahead of the Iowa caucuses a week on Tuesday. This is building up to an exciting election which hopefully will set the tone for the whole of the primary season which runs right through until June.

Have a good night.

Mike Smithson @MikeSmithsonOGH

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